The Photo Album
Millie the Mut

The Photo Album
January 2006 - Christmas Pictures  

Two set of pictures have been added......

Recent family pictures Contains Christmas and New Years Eve pictures of Julie, Geoff, Natalie, Stephanie and Millie.

Julie's family Contains pictures from Birmingham.

November 2005 - Site launch  

After years of saying I would do this I have finally put together a web site to enable everybody in Birmingham, Redditch and Plymouth to see the latest pictures from the cold and windy North East.

The different categories of pictures can be accessed via the buttons (or Quick links menu) on the left hand side. Some pages have sub-categories such as Bayliss and Moore on the Relatives page. These can be accessed by clicking the Moore or Bayliss which will be near the top of the displayed page.

The page will display the small size version of each picture. Click on the Full Size button to see the larger size picture.

Recent family pictures A collection of the most recent pictures of Julie, Geoff, Natalie, Stephanie and Millie.

Pictures of relatives Contains recent pictures of Julie's and Geoff's relatives.

Where we have lived or visited Has pictures of places where we have either lived or visited.

Scanned old photographs Contains many old photographs that have been scanned into the computer.

When new pictures are added a quick link will be added at the top of this page for easy access. The actual pictures will also be added at the top of the relevant category page. Therefore when a page is opened the most recently added pictures will always be seen first.


2005 Geoff Moore